Can your structures meet the practical needs of gradually expanding enterprises?

AWS services advance with time. How can you tell whether the new services are applicable to your own AWS Cloud structures and are able to change the overall environment for the better?

Let Nextlink assists to solve all these problems!

The 5 main principles of AWS Well-Architected

Nextlink can match your workloads with our best practices. We can also guide you to building a stable system with high performance and to focusing on dealing with functional requirements. Nextlink plans the structures in accordance with the best AWS examples. We optimize our clients’ structures while bearing the following 5 principles of AWS Well-Architected in mind.






Operational excellence


Performance efficiency


Cost optimization

An overview of AWS Well-Architected

What can Nextlink do for you?

To speed up establishment and planning

By building original Cloud structures, you no longer have to estimate the necessary capacity. Systems can be tested on a massive scale as automatic functions would make experimental processes easier.

To reduce or mitigate risks

Risks can be identified within the structures and solutions can be respectively devised before formally going online.

To make well-informed decisions

The effects of structural decisions and/or trade-offs on the performance, usability and business results of applications are assessed.

The rationale for choosing Nextlink

In conventional modes of co-location, providers emphasize maintenance and operations of hosts through complicated manual management of tasks and monitoring of environments. Most solutions are hardware-oriented.

As an MSP partner, Nextlink provides professional next-generation managed services, which offer solutions focusing on Cloud and software mind maps. The IT environment is heavily automatic. Through AWS Well-Architected, we help clients redesign and adjust the existing AWS Cloud structures to achieve data security, high performance, high usability, cost optimization and other key measurements.