Does your company own a vast amount of data but find it hard to analyze consumers’ characteristics as they behave so differently? Are you unable to apply a suitable risk assessment tool to the tens of thousands of financial and transaction datasets? Are you in lack of a great tool for intelligent analysis that can be applied to the data for assessing product quality and equipment depreciation?

Nextlink can help you solve the problems above by making use of AWS Big Data.

The 7 great tools of Cloud Big Data can easily solve analytical issues.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

It provides a serverless service. Once the codes have been uploaded and connected to other AWS services, Lambda will trigger execution according to incidents.


Amazon EMR

Computing resources (EC2) can be deployed at once. The main task is to run data-intensive applications.

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis

It can capture, process, and temporarily store stream data in real time and there is no need to wait until all the data is received.


Amazon QuickSight

Business Intelligence (BI) service is provided by AWS so as to build and present visualized data contents when necessary.


AWS Glue

The ETL service managed by AWS can be used to sort, to cleanse, and to categorize the data. It can also effectively reduce the costs, complexity, and duration of building ETL.


Amazon Redshift

It adjusts specifications and expands data warehouse services in accordance with users’ needs. It allows simultaneous access to the data contents with a performance over 10 times faster than other data warehouse services.


Amazon Athena

It provides an interactive, serverless consultation service. SQL syntax can be used to make direct queries about the data in Amazon S3 while supporting multiple standard formats, including JSON, CSV, Avro, ORC, and Parquet.

The 4 main reasons for choosing AWS Big Data solutions

High expandability

The storage spaces for AWS computing can be automatically expanded to cater for the growing data analysis.

Cost control

The charges are based on usage so you need not worry about the wastage of host spaces and human resources.

Report generation

The analyzed data can be connected to external services so that reports are generated to predict more trends.

Multifaceted services

Various types of analytical tools are provided to suit the needs. They can be easily applied to services of different industries.

Nextlink provide optimized services for Big Data applications.

To build data lakes

A data lake is a concentrating repository. It allows planning of structural and non-structural data storage as you wish. Nextlink can assist you in building data lakes on AWS. You can also conduct data analysis and computing without moving the data.

To analyze customers’ behaviour

Analyzing customers’ behaviour can help developers and salespeople know their users better. With its own services for work processes, Nextlink can assist enterprises in conducting data analysis. The incessantly growing business data can be used in a better way to make faster and more effective business decisions.

Recommendation engine services

Nextlink can help enterprises build recommendation engines in the AWS environment. Interactions can be customized and personalized by searches within the website, categorizing products, promotions, discounts, and other contents. Stronger bonds with clients can then be established.

The comprehensive structure of applications can let you get a taste of Nextlink’s professional services

The focus of applying Big Data is on the last stage – analysis. The analytical results can guide a company’s management team to make important decisions. The reference data presented in pictures are of a greater value than mere words.
Nextlink takes connections to Amazon Quicksight as an example. It brings you real benefits of data analysis through pictures and real-time interactions. It also offers the chart below as a reference to the structure.

The Big Data analytical tool by AWS can be connected to not only original services but also third-party software as facilitated by Nextlink. The chart below serves as a reference to the connecting structure of Tableau, the Business Intelligence software, on AWS.

Big Data架構圖

Are you in need of connections to a data analytical and Business Intelligence tool? Get in touch with us right away!