Are you fed up with slow website loading and interrupted video playing? Does your company make use of AWS infrastructure but fail to achieve the best performance as a result of connections with CDN of other brands?

Nextlink can solve the aforementioned problems right away!

To effortlessly solve problems of various businesses with negligible delays and high security

The use of Amazon CloudFront can easily solve the problems of slow website loading, DDoS attacks, file sharing, and delays in content delivery. It can flawlessly connect to AWS so as to make your websites and product launches the icing on the cake.

As exemplified by E-commerce shopping sites, the use of CloudFront raises website loading speed and lets clients have smooth and convenient shopping experiences. The media industry can distribute audiovisual information around the globe and allow end users to watch amazing contents without interruption. Moreover, the gaming industry can hasten dynamic releases, effectively reduce delays, and enhance players’ gaming experiences through CloudFront. Amazon CloudFront is applicable to all industries. As long as you own a website and are in need of high-speed file transfers, you are welcome to contact Nextlink, who knows the CDN services that would suit you best.

How Amazon CloudFront gets ahead of other CDNs

Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers developers and enterprises a simple solution. Content is delivered to end users via the global network with 216 nodes to achieve minimal delays and high-speed data transfers.

Since Amazon CloudFront runs through the global AWS backbone networks, requests can be efficiently transferred across domains and applications between CloudFront nodes and other AWS services. Optimization of network layers can also speed up processing of static and dynamic contents in order to enhance user performance. Furthermore, you need only a single domain name to transfer static, dynamic, and interactive contents as well as the contents uploaded by end users to original servers, thereby offering great flexibility to your cache.

The 3 features making Amazon Cloudfront irresistible


The 216 CDN nodes around the world let you experience the services with minimal delays and high security.


Up to 99.9% of service-level agreement (SLA) with a guarantee of uninterrupted services and supreme quality.


The bills are based on the amount of transferred data so that costs can be saved without overcharges.

Let Nextlink optimize your Amazon CloudFront user experience

  • With extensive experiences in serving businesses, Nextlink provides you with the most professional technical support for structures.

  • If your CDN usage is substantial, Nextlink will prepare extra statements for advanced users so that the transfer costs are crystal clear.

  • Nextlink will offer you the most economical prices with attractive discounts.