What are next-generation Managed Services by Nextlink?

Plenty of enterprises aspire to move their application services to Cloud as the first step to digital transformation. However, those who are unfamiliar with Cloud often face significant technical difficulties due to remarkable differences between Cloud environments and internal deployment. It is also hard to pinpoint Cloud professionals in the current labor force, hence incomplete transformation.

Nextlink’s professional Cloud management team provides supportive services 24/7. We systematically and stably manage our clients’ Cloud algorithms and offer security, networks, backups, and applications.

The 5 highlights of MSP services by Nextlink

Provide services by different level

Cloud Managed Services offer 5×8 and 7×24 service layers. Clients can choose the most suitable Managed Services or customize the services to their needs.

Cost reduction

Liaising with Nextlink’s Cloud management team can save the cost of retraining IT staff and recruiting Cloud professionals for the sake of migration and management of Cloud environments.


Professional technical team

Information technology is ever-changing, particularly the Cloud-related ones. Nextlink is staffed with a bunch of strategists, who hold multiple professional AWS certificates, to apply operation-related Cloud technologies. We are able to solve clients’ problems in a timely and accurate manner.

Integrated service systems

Nextlink offers integrated service systems and employs process management systems of ITIL standards to combine operations, such as work orders, monitoring, and maintenance. Our partner, New Relic, is responsible for the comprehensive maintenance and monitoring services.

Automated DevOps

Nextlink integrates AWS services and builds an automatic system with continuous integration and delivery. It helps clients appreciate the high efficiency and quality of DevOps mode, as well as gain more values and competitiveness.

The 3 main reasons for choosing Nextlink as the partnered provider of MSP services


Nextlink lets clients focus on the core projects.

We can assist the clients in dealing with financial problems, technical issues, and disaster recovery so that IT staff can focus on the companies’ core services.

Nextlink helps clients acquire basic knowledge of Cloud.

We provide enterprises with documents explaining how to launch the services. The clients can follow the instructions to adjust settings and gradually get familiar with Cloud structures through practical operations.

Nextlink leads clients to adopt new AWS services.

The clients need not keep track of the latest information about AWS services as we can provide them with the most up-to-date technical support and suggestions on structures that would best meet their requirements.

Nextlink’s MSP services generate values for clients of various scales

Nextlink is an APN Premier Consulting Partner with extensive experience in Cloud infrastructure and migration of applications. We keep generating values for the clients by providing them with proactive environmental monitoring, automation, management, and by finding Insight amid routine monitoring and work orders.

A demo of the actual picture of Nextlink’s MSP monitoring system

Nextlink and New Relic provides end-to-end monitoring services.

monitor service (1)

Application monitoring interface

K8S Cluster monitoring