Have you ever stuck by unable to handle the auto traffic server, resulting in cost expenditure rising while building your own live broadcast or video platform?

Now, let Nextlink, the cloud expert, solve the problems for you!

High- expansion, low-cost AWS services for a wide range of video platforms

To improve the quality of media video, automatically scale servers, reduce costs, and spends, the traditional public broadcasting model has been transformed into an Over-The-Top (OTT) model built on cloud services. There’re numbers of streaming platforms applying this technology, including: Netflix, Qiy, PTS+, HBO+ etc.

As a cloud service specialist, we categorize several video streaming benefits of migrating to the cloud:

Pay as you go

Instead of paying for up-front infrastructure, you pay for your AWS usage.

Quick build-up and adjustment

It could be adjusted by your audience’s interests or new business opportunities. You can quickly build up, test, and launch upgrade-services without purchasing or managing devices.

Deliver content globally

Improve video delivery efficiency with CDN services and publish content on the nearest node sits to reach millions of viewers, enhancing the audience’s media experience.

Expand automatically with video traffic

AWS Audio-visual Streaming Services can increase or decrease the resources to meet the audience’s needs, and also reduce the time and the cost of building infrastructure. Its automate extension function is able to handle the increasing videos, including large file streaming applications.

Build the AWS video streaming service that fits you the best


AWS Elemental Media Services

Nextlink is the only service provider in the Asia Pacific that has certifications with both APN Premier Consulting Partners and AWS Elemental Channel Partners. Whether it’s live or on-demand videos, Nextlink can help you with leverage AWS Elemental Media Services, from on-prem server to cloud environments, and build one-stop media solutions for device compatibility, transcoding, encryption, permission setting, etc.

Cloud video streaming

Nextlink helps you build Media Server, Amazon CloudFront, and AWS Kinesis Video Stream on AWS, creating a dedicated architecture that helps you quickly build a streaming environment on your cloud.

Global content delivery network

Nextlink helps you build Amazon CloudFront services to deliver live or on-demand content to audiences around the world in a low-latency, high-speed delivery, saving your money, and improving the user experience.

Let Nextlink optimize your cloud streaming experience

Nextlink has been integrating networks, bandwidth, servers, and applications since 2008. We started to build cloud media service since 2014, in order to provide a full range of audio-visual technology support to the global media and entertainment industry.