Enjoying the benefits of AWS Serverless bring to you

Best IT Resource Saving Tool- AWS Serverless Services

Comparing to On-Premises and Private Cloud, Public Cloud is relatively user-friendly when it comes to the infrastructure, the implementation of corporate application services and the supervision of cloud server. In spite of eliminating the concerns to purchase infrastructure and implement data center, it is inevitable to carry on routine maintenance, for instance, remaining the flexibility and reliability of architecture; conducting server update and deployment, and assessing the computing capacity to avoid unnecessary resource spent during peak hour. According to the statistics, there are approximately 85% of the servers have not completely utilized the computing capacity.

Serverless allows the businesses to deploy and operate application without managing the server, the service charge is based on the number of time and quantity, which saves a great deal of IT resources. Nextlink presents AWS Serverless and outlines the advantages of adopting AWS Serverless.

What’s Serverless?

Serverless application is a type of public cloud service which cloud service provider dynamically allocate resources to run a set of codes, the code normally can be carried out in virtual container and can be activated in any incidence. Sometimes, Serverless can be recognized as FaaS (Function as a Service).

Four main benefits for the enterprise to adopt Serverless.

Comparing the application design of traditional server, Serverless characterized numerous advantages:

Carefree: No need to provision, deploy, update, monitor or other ways to manage the server. Cloud service provider has sole responsibility to control all of the hardware and server software.

Automatically capacity adjustment: Different from the traditional server which required to manage the under layer of the server, Serverless conduct automatic scaling and redundancy reduction based on real practices.

High availability: In addition to automatic scaling, Serverless also features with high availability and automatic fault tolerance, the function is able to directly share the advantages without additional coding.

Cost optimization: No upfront payment required, price charge is according to the usage or operation time.

Common Serverless on AWS

The following table listed different service genres including Computing, Database, Storage, API Integration, Analytics, Application Integration, Step Functions, and Developer Tools, which are the common Serverless options summarized by Nextlink:


AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda


AWS Fargate




Amazon Aurora

Amazon Dynamo DB







Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena

API connections

API Gateway

API Gateway

Application Integration








Step Functions

AWS-Step function

Step function

Developer Tools








AWS Lambda

Seven Applications on Serverless

  1. Application and Web: Serverless perform auto-scaling which can facilitate website instantly react to high inflow of traffic.

  2. Mobile Application Backend: Application backend from Serverless provides a simple way to create secure with high availability and elasticity for developers from client end, and AWS is responsible for directly carrying out the design of distributed system for you.

  3. Media and Log management: The features of parallel computing offered by Serverless making complex workload much easier, and no need to build multi parallel and manual scaling server which drastically simplify the progress.

  4. IT Automation: Serverless featured with alert, monitoring and customization function allowing Cron job and the other requirements of IT infrastructure easier.

  5. IoT Backend: The function is able to automatically substitute code, and simplifying the process of creating the algorithm for specific device.

  6. Chatbot (Audio assistant): Serverless is particularly applicable for chatbot, the code run as the user inquiring a question to the chatbot. For instance, Alexa from Amazon Echo is mostly operated by AWS Lambda.

  7. Instant Data Response: Serverless solution offers the agility of scaling and downsizing for information process, the feature not only fulfill the throughout requirement, but no need to build scalable system for every application.

Following exemplify the backend of social media application:


Bustle, a Journal website from New York reduced up to 84% of savings on labor costs for managing the infrastructure after applying AWS Lambda Serverless.
(Image Sourcehttps://aws.amazon.com/tw/serverless/)

Evaluate the suitability of the enterprise to adopt Serverless

The aforementioned introduction outlined the scenarios and the benefits of applying Serverless. As for the suitability of adopting the service, Nextlink summarized few of the inapplicable conditions for you:

  • When the service has a concrete function and try to avoid amending the structure.
  • The need to implement graininess control to the environment, i.e. designate a particular operation system
  • When on-premise application has not yet migrated to public cloud.

If none of the above condition applied, you can start to experience and embrace the benefits from AWS Serverless application.

After reading this article, we hope you feel the need to take AWS Serverless into consideration. Please feel free to contact us and our solution architect will be ready to assist you.