Are you always worried about malicious DDoS attacks causing traffic losses or interrupted services, which might affect user experience on important occasions such as E-commerce activities and video game releases?

Nextlink hereby recommends Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Premium Protection to solve such problems!

To effectively mitigate malicious attacks and to ensure smooth business operations

Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Premium Protection can effectively mitigate flood traffic caused by DDoS attacks. It is applicable to financial, E-commerce, gaming, media or any other sectors. Through overseas Anti-DDoS services, traffic from attacked servers can be automatically diverted to the cleansing centers, which are distributed across the globe, closest to the sources of attacks. In the form of Anycast IP, which is unique to Anti-DDoS Premium, cleansed and normal traffic would be returned to the original servers in order to ensure smooth business operations.

The high usability and security of Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS

Global near-source cleansing

Distributive technologies are employed to automatically divert traffic to cleansing centers for filtration. Emergency backup services are provided to maximally strengthen defense of data security.

Limitless and robust defense

Unlike Anti-DDoS Premium IP services in mainland China, Anti-DDoS Premium (International) services make use of worldwide near-source cleansing strategies to provide you with unlimited and powerful defense.

To have IP resources all to yourself

Anti-DDoS Premium services offer unique Anycast IPs and separate individual IPs from each other to protect you from being affected by DDoS attacks aiming at other users, hence more reliable Anti-DDoS services.

Safety and defense reports

Anti-DDoS Premium can issue real-time reports on traffic and detailed information about defenses against attacks, thus allowing you to grasp the safety status of your business.

The striking advantages of Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Premium


High-speed BGP network, DDoS clustering 2000G + defense.


It supports HTTPS 7-layer defense and ensures encryption throughout the entire networks.


The leading defensive algorithms across the industry.

With On-Premises technical support, Nextlink is a robust guardian of your data security.

Nextlink and Alibaba Cloud have endeavored in the defensive market of Chinese data security for years. With abundant experiences in customer services, we provide On-Premises technical support and 24/7 comprehensive surveillance services. Anti-DDoS Premium can be specifically applied to various sectors so it is definitely your first choice for maintaining data security amid international expansion.