As an international enterprise, have you faced the following problems while attempting to establish connections from China to other nations or vice versa?Congested public networks, Sluggish data transfers and frequent transfer failures, Security issues on public networks.

Nextlink can solve the problems for you right away!

Joining Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) enables you to access Chinese domains without barriers

CEN builds a communication platform among VPCs, or between VPCs and privately-owned Internet Data Centers (IDCs), within an enterprise’s intranet. Through automatic distribution and learning of routes, it speeds up network convergence and enhances inter-network communication quality and security. Resources on the entire networks are intertwined so as to create a safe and smooth Internet and to raise communication effectiveness.

CEN Infrastructure


Users in mainland China would make overseas connections to Tokyo, Singapore or other Alibaba Regions (Azure, AWS, GCP and IDC are all applicable to global enterprises)


All users would access the same CEN to set up a private network with high usability and security.

The benefits of employing CEN


Connectivity throughout the entire network

Private networks can be linked together, as exemplified by voluntary networks (VPC and VBR) on CEN.


Minimal delays

Any two points on the network are connected via the shortest route to achieve high speed and minimal delays.


Network management

Automatic redirection and learning is applied to multi-nodal and multi-level routing across the entire network and around the globe to speed up convergence.


Bandwidth sharing

Packages of bandwidth can be purchased with respect to domains. The same package can be shared by connected inter-domain regions.


Users’ settings

Users need not deal with meticulous route settings or management.


Autonomous management

Bandwidth can be allocated according to the needs of connected inter-domain regions.

Bring you the best solution for connecting to China

Nextlink and Alibaba Cloud have endeavored in the Chinese Cloud market for years. With abundant experiences in serving our clients, we would customize the Cloud services and Chinese connection solutions to your needs.

We are a team of specialists certified on multiple platforms. We have our own hosts in the world-class telecommunications building to provide you with co-location and hybrid Cloud application services.

According to the characteristics of the major Cloud platforms and On-Premises units, we offer tailor-made migration plans. Therefore, we are certainly your best companions in the process of expanding businesses to China.


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