Want to expose your site on Chinese search engines without understanding the cumbersome ICP record application process?

Don’t worry, let Nextlink solve all the problems of building a website in China!

Best way for website to move forward to China! With or without ICP record we can still provide you with high speed connection

Whether you have an ICP filing or not, Nextlink can customize connectivity solutions to customer needs, including optimizing costs and the quality of Chinese websites, providing the following 5 key services:

5 benefits in Nextlink


Assistance in ICP applications

We provide assistance in application for ICP Filing and Commercial License and thus simplify the procedures to connect to China.


Connectivity to China with quality assurance

We ensure data security and business stability through specialised networks and international connections.

Complete induction planning

We have a team of specialists who are certified on multiple platforms and have ample national as well as international experience.
Our solutions are meant to cater for individual corporate’s needs.


24/7 customer service support

We provide round-the-clock customer service, Help Desk technical support and emergency management.
You can rest assured that even urgent issues would be properly dealt with.

Robust partnership

We have numerous business partners in China so we can provide a wide variety of corporates with stable, safe and efficient technical support.

Comprehensive solutions and international partners

Nextlink has cooperated with heavy hitters in the industry, helping you with the connection of China, accelerating the process for the website online!


Do you have ICP filingrecord / China Connection related needs? Feel free to contact us, and we will help you move forward with high-speed to mainland China!