Le Ble d’Or F&B Co., Ltd.

” One-stop shop and total solution“

– Jun-Hong Ye, the Manager of the Department of Creative Planning – 

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multiple costs were cut.

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multiple costs were cut.
It took only a single key to enhance the system and to build the upgraded hosts.
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The operational risks due to disconnections were effectively reduced

Introduction of the company

Le Ble d’Or was founded in 2004. It brought in the techniques developed by small and medium-sized European breweries, and became the first private brewery in Taiwan. It has accumulated numerous loyal customers since establishment. It outshone its rivals at the International Beer Cup 2009 in Japan, and was then propelled onto the international stage. It is staffed with excellent business teams, whose motto is ‘To promote national drinking culture’, and aspires to perpetual operation and growth. In addition to the overall stable operation, profitability is improved year after year so it has become one of the national manufacturers with outstanding results. There are a total of 11 stores in Taiwan and 2 in mainland China, namely Suzhou and Jing’an Shanghai stores.

The challenges facing the enterprise

In the era of rapidly developing applications, more and more enterprises hope to integrate their products into Internet of Things and to formulate a new mode of business services. Nonetheless, they incur considerable costs prior to project execution as it is necessary to recruit Cloud professionals, to develop applications and functions, and to mitigate operational risks. Those who focus on manufacturing or are unaccustomed to Cloud face huge obstacles to the integration.

As a forward-looking company, Le Ble d’Or employed AWS for integration assessment when Cloud technologies took off a decade ago. The stable AWS systems and flexible solutions for services allowed Le Ble d’Or to deploy the hosts in accordance with the needs without incurring any preparatory installation costs. As for the website then, all reservations and members’ particulars had been saved in the same place. If the data had been too vast during execution or too many enquiries or data had been imported simultaneously, the hosts would have been temporarily shut down.

The solutions

Regarding the existing structures of Le Ble d’Or’s official website, Amazon RDS database is a separate entity. The front-end and backend management systems are placed together whereas Amazon S3 is employed to store the images on the front-end website. With such arrangements, the system can swiftly recover without interference in the original database in case of abnormalities on the website. It is combined with up-and-coming applications, such as APP and CRM. When it is necessary to make use of Le Ble d’Or’s reservation and membership system, which has been in operation for a decade, direct connections to the database can be established via API without affecting the usual operation of other services. Furthermore, Le Ble d’Or tracks and monitors the status of system operations by using Amazon CloudWatch to grasp the amplitudes of various resource usages in real time, and to maintain smooth operation of applications. With reference to audit requirements, Amazon CloudTrail records the API connecting processes, duration, status, and response data, and tracks the changes in resource abnormalities within the system. Le Ble d’Or separately deploys applications, which are anticipated to be in use later, on AWS while being able to adjust host specifications according to variable needs, and to significantly cut operational costs. AWS meets Le Ble d’Or’s demands for future extensive developments in terms of costs and efficiency. In the coming years, Le Ble d’Or looks forward to achieving minimal delays, high efficiency, reduced operational risks, and the final goal of globalized deployment through Amazon CloudFront and offsite AWS backups.

The benefits

  1. Multiple costs, such as those of hardware, tasks, backups, and human resources, were cut by 30-40%.
  2. It took only a single key to enhance the system, to raise efficiency, and to build the hosts required.
  3. The operational risks due to disconnections were effectively reduced by 99.9%, and the problems could be solved right away.

The application products and services

Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch

The high stability and efficiency of AWS assists Le Ble d’Or in building a platform for the best Food and Beverage experiences.

  • The hosts are rapidly installed to meet the needs of events and stores without preparatory costs.
  • AWS IAM is used to manage the authority to access the control panel of websites and system developers.
  • The highly usable and reliable Amazon RDS is used to raise the capacity of data processing.
  • The expandability of Amazon S3 meets the requirements for a huge number of images on the front-end website.
  • Amazon CloudWatch is used to track and monitor the operational status of the reservation system.
  • Amazon CloudTrail records the data related to API connections and tracks the changes in resource abnormalities.
  • The forward-looking AWS and its blueprints for future applications inspire the team to innovate.

Nextlink’s extensive experiences in Cloud and service resources let Le Ble d’Or focus on the core of brand.

  • Internal human resources are effectively saved.
  • Professional management and maintenance of structures, and round-the-clock monitoring services
  • Immediate problem solving and designated notification services