Check Point’s solutions for the 5th generation of data security

Check Point is the only fully integrated system dedicated to network safety. It can protect your business and IT infrastructure from the 5th generation of massive cyber attacks across all networks, endpoints, Cloud and mobile devices. In order to tackle the growing issues of connectivity and security, Check Point provides the function of threat prevention, which can plug safety gaps. Automatic and real-time sharing of threat intelligence can be carried out in a completely safe environment. Unified security management is also provided to achieve the most effective data defense.

Check Point’s multifaceted solutions for data security

Check Point CloudGuard IaaS

IaaS can protect clients’ networks with a software package based on the dynamic and flexible characteristics of Cloud infrastructure.
The assets and data on Cloud are free from the most complex threats by the use of multi-layer protection, which includes:


Firewall, IPS, antivirus and anti-botnet can protect services from unauthorized access and attacks.


Application Control can prevent application layers from denial-of-service attacks and hence protect your Cloud services.


IPsec VPN provides safe connections to Cloud resources.


Mobile access allows mobile users to connect to Cloud through SSL-encrypted connections in conjunction with two-factor authentication and device pairing.


DLP can protect sensitive data from being stolen or accidental losses.


SandBlast zero-day protection provides the most comprehensive defense against malware and zero-day attacks.

Check Point CloudGuard SaaS


SaaS application services uphold data security and mitigate threats, such as account takeover, phishing emails and shadow IT.

CloudGuard SaaS is a Cloud safety protection service targeting genuine SaaS threats. It not only blocks Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) but also prevents thefts of SaaS applications and attacks on email content. In the meantime, CloudGuard SaaS provides thorough protection against malware, zero-day attacks, complex network phishing attacks and takeover of staff’s accounts. Clients can also appreciate real-time visualization of threat status, data control and protection.

Check Point Dome9


As a compliance management tool, it performs compliance management of Cloud platforms and exerts fine control over authorization systems.

By making use of Dome9, organizations can assess their security status through dashboards, detect incorrect configurations and models, and proactively take the best safety measures. Moreover, they can prevent identity thefts and data losses on Cloud platforms.

Cloud service providers and users share responsibilities for data security on Cloud platforms: the former account for fundamental security and the latter for security within the platforms.

If users own multiple VPCs or subscribe to multi-Cloud services, security and compliance management will be more challenging.

Dome9 merges APIs that are related to data security on Cloud platforms, and provides original yet undiscovered Cloud configuration strategies. It allows users to visualize consistent security configurations on public Cloud.

Why should I choose Nextlink and Check Point?

Discounts up to 20% off* are offered.

Nextlink makes 10% off* offers on Check Point CloudGuard IaaS for a specified period. If you are already AWS users and let Nextlink co-locate your accounts, we will make limited-time 20% off* offers on Check Point CloudGuard IaaS.


On-Premises technical support is provided.

Nextlink will collaborate with Check Point to provide On-Premises technical support for tackling clients’ issues.

CloudGuard data security services can be integrated into your IT environment.

Nextlink’s professional team of strategists can integrate Check Point data security services into the existing IT environment for clients.

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