Tableau revolutionizes your modes of data analysis

Is it hard to extract key information from your company’s vast amount of data?
Are you facing many restrictions in settings while attempting to visualize the data?

Nextlink can transform the conventional modes of data analysis on your behalf at once!

Your first choice of Business Intelligence software for more influential data analysis

Tableau can turn data into directions guiding companies’ decisions. Dashboards can be instantaneously established by just a few clicks to execute data analysis. It allows you to effortlessly share the results of analysis and to make the most of the data. It is undoubtedly the best BI software for visualized data analysis, which is necessary for global enterprises and startups alike.

Tableau, a visualized analytical tool, brings you the most instinctive format of data application

Tableau Prep Builder employs vertical Drag-and-Drop method to compile, organize and cleanse data. The result of every operation execution is displayed immediately without interference in the actual data. Therefore, the staff members who are not used to data engineering can still freely analyze the data and quickly complete data preparation.

As for the sources of information, Tableau Desktop can connect to more than 70 types of data sources, for instance, documents, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Alibaba Cloud and databases. The data is visualized in the Drag-and-Drop format. The visualized analysis helps raise new questions, recognize trends, identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions.

Furthermore, Tableau Server allows you to share the visualized analytical results, scenarios, and dashboards with others by accessing through Web browsers on any devices. The authorized users can also edit and create new panels on the Web browsers.

The 3 unbeatable strengths of Tableau that you simply cannot overlook

Swift analysis

Tableau can connect and visualize your data in minutes, which is 10-100 times faster than other solutions on the market.

Smart dashboards

You can combine multiple panels of information to gain a whole lot more insights into the data.

Straightforward sharing

It takes only a few simple clicks to publish and share the dashboards on the internet and among mobile devices.

Nextlink is able to assist you in making data-driven decisions.


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